Maserati Ghibli GT Manual

1997 GT manual / 70K km / full service history / amazing state / new Maserati service / VAT qualified


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The in 1992 introduced Maserati Ghibli 2 was created by Gandini (known of many beautiful designs as the Countach and Stratos) and very recognisable due to its sharp lines. The Ghibli 2 was in essence an evolution of the 80’s Biturbo series.

The unique body design has incorporated some of the aggressive looks of the 1989 introduced Shamal and the longer you look at some of the little Ghibli design details, the more special it becomes.

In total approx 2200 Ghibli’s were manufactured of which half with the 2.0 litre engine and the other half with the 2.8 liter engine as in the Ghibli GT we offer. The Ghibli 2 was manufactured during a period of take over from first Fiat to full ownership of Ferrari and this is translated in several updates and improvements during its production period.

The GT is the most sought version of the Ghibli 2 series, especially with the Getrag 6 speed manual set up. The GT differentiates itself from the earlier Ghibli’s with the (stronger) differential from the Ferrari 456, 17 inch wheels and standard the electronic suspension from Koni.

This Ghibli was delivered to its first owner in 1997 in Switzerland as only 1 of  2 new delivered GT’s in this unique colour combination. The Ghibli is 2-owner car (last owner D.O.B 1945). With a relative low mileage of only 70.000 kilometers which is already pretty rare to find these days, the best part is that its fully backed up by a Maserati garage service history which makes this car an unique offer on the market for the real enthusiast or collector.

Simply try to find another Ghibli 2 in this condition for sale, being a GT version, manual with this mileage and full history!


In the colour Rosso Maserati, being its first paint this Ghibli looks stunning and is free from accident history/ repairs. All panels are original. The paint condition is remarkably good with no rust on the usual places and extreme low wear and tear although its age.

The great red colour gives the already bold design of the Ghibli an even more masculine presence which really has to be seen to appreciate. In this combination with the black leather interior it’s a true ‘mini Shamal’

All glass around is perfect and original Maserati supplied. The 17 inch standard wheels are fitted with recent Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tires in perfect condition.


The pictures speaks for itself but the leather interior is in a perfect condition, not something for granted with these Ghibli’s even with low mileage. The non smoking interior has been maintained well so the leather looks fresh without cracks. No dents in seatbolsters. The alcantara is in a good condition as well including the ceiling which fits straight. The carpets in the interior as well as in the boot is clean without any damages. All the electrics are working including A/C. The Ghibli is fitted with the electronic Koni suspension system with no warning lights flashing. Original car manual and spare key included as well.

Engine/ transmission

This Ghibli is fitted with the 2.8 litre engine with 284 Bhp/ 413 Nm and Getrag manual transmission. As with the ex/interior the engine bay is very clean and well maintained. Underneath clean and transparent.

The engine performs very well with healthy oil and (bi)turbo pressure. Due to the combination of the 2.8 litre engine with its 6 speed manual transmission the Ghibli can be driven very smooth and gentle but if required, it can be a real beast. What an experience! Transmission shifts well/ clutch good. Ofcourse this last version of the Ghibli has been fitted with ABS. The Ghibli has a full service history from Switzerland, all documented, and received new service here in the Netherlands at one of the most leading Maserati specialist Franco. Including in the service are belts, fluids etc.


This original most sought Ghibli 2 version is ready to be enjoyed for 34.900 including Dutch (EU) registration and TUV. All import taxes and VAT are covered. VAT is deductible on this car (28.900 Euro ex VAT)

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