Maserati Ghibli GT Manual

1997 GT 6 speed manual / 45K km / full history/ new service / collectors item / VAT qualified


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Check the video from one of Dutch leading car magazine on this Ghibli GT

The in 1992 introduced Maserati Ghibli 2 was created by Gandini (known of many beautiful designs as the Countach and Stratos) and very recognisable due to its sharp lines. The Ghibli 2 was in essence an evolution of the 80’s Biturbo series.

The unique body design has incorporated some of the aggressive looks of the 1989 introduced Shamal and the longer you look at some of the little Ghibli design details, the more special it becomes.

In total approx 2200 Ghibli’s were manufactured of which half with the 2.0 litre engine and the other half with the 2.8 liter engine as in the Ghibli GT we offer. The Ghibli 2 was manufactured during a period of take over from first Fiat to full ownership of Ferrari and this is translated in several updates and improvements during its production period.

The GT is the most sought version of the Ghibli especially with the Getrag 6 speed manual set up. The GT includes the Ferrari 456 differential, 17 inch wheels and standard the electronic suspension.


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