Maserati 3200 GT

Late version 2001 / manual / unique state / 70K km / new service / full service history


Incl. BTWSold


The 3200 GT is seen by many as the re-awakening of Maserati after two decades of challenges with various owners (i.e. Citroen and Detomaso). The 3200 Giugiaro design led by Fiat was finally launched under full ownership of Ferrari in 1998. The launch was even postponed a year by then Ferrari CEO Luca di Montezemolo, to ensure quality was up to Ferrari standard and customer expectations.

The elegant GT body was completely new designed and applauded by its curves that are repeatedly reiterated in the details like front headlights, radiator grille and the most standing out feature in those days (and still!)  the boomerang headlights. The 3200 also closes the famous biturbo era for Maserati.  What originally started in 1982 with the 2.0 litre V6 engine for the Maserati Biturbo series was by now evolved to a 3.2 litre V8 bi turbo delivering 370bhp with 491Nm torque at 4500 rpm. Hindsight the engine can be seen as very reliable……..if well maintained and driven.

By many Maserati enthusiasts the 3200 is seen as the last true Maserati built with its own DNA although various ownerships. The 3200 was succeeded by the Coupe also called the 4200 which included much more Ferrari specs, with the most impactful change being the 4.2 liter V8 atmospheric engine. But also some of the beautiful design specs disappeared like the boomerang lights and hood air vents. It must be said that since the 3200, Maserati is fully back on track and has never been so popular by the number of produced and sold cars.

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