Lancia Thema 8.32 1st series

1st series with cat. / full history / only 88K km / amazing interior / well maintained Ferrari engine


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Sold (but looking for a new example to offer in perfect condition)

It was October 1984 when Lancia successfully launched the Giugiara designed Lancia Thema as its topmodel followed in 1986 with an unique collaboration between Lancia and Ferrari. What started (according the rumours) as a fun ‘Friday’ project by some of the Lancia technicians ended up in the production of a Thema with a Ferrari engine. The engine used was the Ferrari 308 engine, tweaked and modified to better suit the characteristics of a saloon and its day to day usage. The 2.9 liter V8 produced 215 Bhp/ 285 Nm (cat. version 205 Bhp/ 263 Nm), enough to give the Lancia Thema thirty years ago some real good performance numbers. The name ‘8.32’ comes from the V8 engine with 32 valves.

The most desired series 1, as the car we offer can be recognised by the large headlights (biggest headlights in that period of time for a production car) and the Testarossa style designed side mirrors with the two legs. All the 1st series 8.32 engines came direct from the Maranello factory whilst part of the second series 8.32 were assembled at the Ducati plant due to limited production capacities.

The final number of 8.32’ produced was almost 3 times more versus plan (approx 3500 were built) although many cars didn’t survive over time due to lack of care and maintenance so pretty rare to find a good example. However we have found one in very good condition.

This first series Thema 8.32 from 1988 was delivered in Switzerland and therefor is fitted with a factory catalyst (due to local regulations then).  It has a full service history, including all books and a relative low mileage of 88.000 km which makes this a rare and unique opportunity.


This 8.32 in the colour Blu Blizzard is in a very good shape and mainly first paint with the original yellow striping. The car is accident free and has all its original panels, lights and glass around. The paint condition is very good and only has limited wear and tear in respect to its age. The unique feature of the electronic adjustable spoiler works well in this car. All chrome and rubbers are in good condition as well. The 8,32 is fitted with the original Maranello style 15 inch Speedline wheels fitted with new rubber all around.


The breath-taking brown leather interior is hand built by Poltrona Frau and in an impressive condition as we often see with Swiss cars. The electric seats are in perfect shape with no damages. The dashboard with Ferrari look & feel Veglia instruments gives the luxurious car some sporty flavour. Dashboard leather not ripped what is a common issue with the 8.32. Anyway, with this car, pictures say more than any words can describe.

Engine/ transmission

Lancia by Ferrari; what a joy is this engine. Very smooth traction and easy driving when required but when you hit the pedal to the metal you feel and hear the Maranello DNA throughout. The engine has always been well maintained (service book included) and has received in 2015 its last service including belts, brakes and more. Compression of the V8 and oil pressure is healthy and gearbox/ clutch handles the cars performance very well. A well maintained and good 8.32 like this example is becoming rare.



This car is being sold private from our own collection.

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