Lancia Delta Evo 2 ‘La Perla’

1 out of 365 / factory 'certificate' included / 59K km / major service / large service file included


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Nowadays the Lancia Delta Integrale is still recognised as one of the most iconic cars produced. The later produced Evo version (1991-1994) are the most developed Integrale’s bringing a wealth of Group A rally success and innovation together in what could be called the ultimate road car in terms of handling. Whereby the Evo 1 (without Catalyst 1991-1992) had 210 Bhp/ 298 Nm and the Evo 2 (1993-1994) was fitted with catalyst and with 215 Bhp/ 308 Nm at a low Rpm the most powerful engine in the Integrale line. Even against today’s standards the handling and mechanical grip of the Evo’s  is mindblowing. You simply have to experience it.

Based on both the Evo 1 and 2, Lancia produced various limited editions. These cars were shared amongst its own dealer network and due to its low numbers produced these Delta’s are of high demand today amongst Deltona enthusiasts and collectors.

Its therefore with proud that we can offer this Evoluzione 2 Bianco Perlato a.k.a  ‘La Perla’. 1 of 365 produced with verified chassis # the ‘La Perla’ differentiates itself with a beautiful colour combination with a white pearl paint body and blue leather Recaro interior including Momo steeringwheel. A silver line on the side was an option back then and is also fitted on the car we offer.

The Delta was delivered end of 1994 by the factory to its dealer and registrated early 1995 to its first owner in Italy. In 2005 the car moved to the UK to stay with only one owner for over 12 years. During its UK stay the car received service from renowned specialists as Auto Integrale and Walkers Garage with invoices available. With only 59.000 kilometer including a recent major service from Walkers Garage worth over 5K Euros (detailed work overview included) this Deltona becomes a rare and unique opportunity on todays market!

Included is an official factory ‘certificate of originality’ that confirms this Deltona being an original ‘La Perla’


The body of this Evo 2 is straight and absolutely no rust or chassis cracks on the obvious places. The Delta body and engine compartment was protected with waxoyl in the past and Walkers Garage re-did this in 2017 again to ensure for the next decade the car is protected from any rust. We decided to re-paint the ‘La Perla’ with the exact colour code as partly touching up the body due to stone chips and small dents doesn’t work with a pearl-type colour. Body with original panels looks magnificent! Pictures of before, during and after repaint are available on request. All body parts, Solextra glass with Lancia logo’s around, blinkers and lights are original parts. No replica parts used which is often seen with these type Delta’s.  The Evo is fitted with the standard supplied 16 inch Speedline wheels being refurbished and includes new Michelin Pilot Sports around.


The Interior is kept mainly standard with the great looking Recaro highback leather seats. The blue leather is in an exceptional state and seats bolsters are not dented and in perfect shape. Carpets being very clean, doorpanels without damages and plastics all in good condition. No missing or broken parts! The original Momo steeringwheel in blue is included as well and in good shape. For those too blue…..a black Momo dish wheel is included (see extra picture). The Delta comes with a quick shift and carbon plate. All electrics/ instruments are working even the A/C blows solid cold air being serviced recently. Extremely clean and well maintained example of an Evo 2 complete with original spare wheel.

Engine/ transmission

This is a well maintained Evo 2 with many invoices to proof its history in the UK including MOT reports. In 2017 Walkers Garage conducted a major service including standards as belts, waterpump, fluids and filters but also all shocks are replaced with original ones, new clutch, turbo exchange, brakes and many, many other parts. This car is upper running and ready for its new owner to be enjoyed. The car is handling extremely well with both healthy oil pressure and turboboost.  Transmission works perfect and the car has great mechanical grip. A true pleasure to drive this unique version of the Evo 2. Thankfully the car is kept standard so no (silly) modifications to its engine.


Price on request

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