Lancia Delta Integrale 8v

1988 / original / 1 owner / 61K km / service history / recent service / benchmark / VAT qualified


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It was end of 1987 when Lancia presented the first ‘Integrale’ as the successor of the very successful Delta HF 4wd which just won its first World Rally Championship – the first of many more to follow for Lancia with the Delta! The Integrale was more or less an evolution of the HF 4wd, in order to keep up with the competition in the World Rally series.

Most recognisable for the Integrale vs the HF 4wd is the more ‘aggressive’ look through its broader fenders due to its adjusted wheelbase, new designed bonnet with cooling slots and front bumper with large gaps for cooling as well. Furthermore the 8 valve engine was further modified with a larger turbo (Garrett T3) able to provide the car with 185Bhp/ 298Nm which resulted in a topspeed of 215 km/h and a 0-100 km/h in just over 6 seconds. Pretty impressive 30 years ago.

However, also with the ‘Ur Integrale’ the most impressive part of the car is not its topspeed or turboboost when you kick the accelerator but is its mechanical grip. The cornering, picking up pace and the overall feel when driving is unbelievable. So much joy! Compared with the later Evo’s, the 8v drives very authentic. All a bit heavier but very precise. Nowadays its very difficult to find a complete original 8v. During its life cycle, these cars have been often modified engine wise, got other interiors or body parts like the 16v bonnet.

To find a low mileage, complete original 8v including a servicebook  and which is also for sale is close to impossible.

Well, at Modern Classics Automotive we found this 1988 Italian registered 8v with all these specs including new service as well! Unique is the fact it is a 1 owner registrated car and since 2014 in a Swiss collection (all documents present)


The body of this Integrale 8v is straight and absolutely no rust or chassis cracks on the obvious places. No signs of previous (repaired) damage. The Nero paint is in a very good condition and mostly first paint – beside some touch up. In general the Integrale has a minimum wear and tear for a car this age which tells something about its previous ownership. All body panels, glass with Lancia logo’s and lights are 100% original and this 8v comes with the flat bonnet! Underneath the Delta is clean and transparent as well as per pictures. The original and non-restored 15 inch Speedline wheels are straight and with standard size good tires all around.


The 8v comes with the standard delivered interior in a state that reflects its only 61.900 kilometers. The alcantara of the Recaro seats are in good condition. Overall clean interior including the carpets, hatshelf without speakerholes and baggage compartment. Sparewheel and tools included. No damages or whatsoever on both seats, doorpanels and dashboard. All functions are working.  The Delta has a factory delivered sunroof which works well and is free of rust or any leakage. The car even comes with all original (spare) keys!

Engine/ transmission

First impression driving this Integrale 8v is that it feels very steady. No annoying noises. Great handling and feels robust cornering and braking. This is partly because of new original shocks all around and brakes have been installed. Beside that the geometry of wheels and steering have been newly adjusted against factory specs. Gearbox and clutch good. Very healthy oil and turbo pressure. The engine bay is very clean and well maintained which , as the rest of the car, emphasises how this car has been treated. Unique for an Italian registrated car is the inclusion of the service maintenance since new including all oil intervals. In 2017 when the car was part of a Swiss collection it received many new parts and was fully serviced including belts.

This Delta HF Integrale 8v is ready to be driven or great to add to any collection with other automotive ‘heroes’. With almost hitting the 30 years it will have the classic status soon in many markets with all benefits associated to it. Relatively these Delta’s will follow the price curve of the Evo’s and therefor still a lot of potential to grow from current price base.

Great investment opportunity although 2nd priority………car needs to be driven 1st !



This Delta can be seen as the benchmark for the 8v market. Its unmolested and original,  ready to be enjoyed for 29.900 Euro including Italian (EU) papers (on request Dutch registration included).

This Delta qualifies for VAT (ex VAT: 24.710 Euro)

For more Lancia Delta Integrale information, please look at our FB page: Delta Collezione

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