Lancia Delta Evoluzione 1

1991 / 65K km / black / leather Recaro interior / waterspray spec / certificate of origin / matching #


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It was end of 1991 when the Delta Integrale Evo 1 was introduced as a further development of the very successful Integrale 16v. It was the last so called homologation model, a minimum production rule of road versions to compete in the Group A WRC rally championships. Although the Lancia factory team officially by then withdrawed from the rally championship it still supported the private owned ‘Jolly Club Team’ in 1992 to win its 6th consecutive title.

Nowadays the Lancia Delta Integrale is still recognised as one of the most iconic cars produced. The later produced Evo version (1991-1994) are the most developed Integrale’s bringing a wealth of Group A rally success and innovation together in what could be called the ultimate road car in terms of handling. The Evo 1 (16v without Catalyst 1991-1993) had 210 Bhp/ 298 Nm and was further modified functionally in many areas as chassis, wheelbase, brakes and more. A true ‘evolution’ of the already so clever built Integrale 8v and 16v. Even against today’s standards the handling and mechanical grip of the Evo’s is mindblowing. You simply have to experience it.

For some the Evo 1 was the last true connection of the car to its rally history (Evo 2 officially never rallied in Group A and was not a homologation model). Nowadays its not easy to find a solid, standard and well maintained Evo version. Once in a while between cars offered with silly modifications, no history, rust, accident repairs and more a great example comes up like this Evo 1 we can offer at Modern Classics Automotive.

This Evo 1 was originally delivered in Italy back in January 1992 and stayed there its entire life. It’s a 2-owner car with a long 2nd ownership since 1997. The Deltona comes out of a collection of 16(!) Integrales and is ASI registrated (documents available). We have even kept part of the original Ravenna plate when we exported it ourselves out of Italy. How cool is that! Its an unique early Evo 1 which comes with the WRC homologation spec being the waterspray intercooler of which only 500 have been produced. Its not just a loose bag they put in the car as we have seen before but its a proper installed version. Also this Delta comes with a factory certification of originality stating all details and options.

This Delta is a matching #’ car (can be proven) and has received a full engine service inspection with many pictures by the well known Integrale mechanic Rene de Graaf for over +5000 Euros (invoice available).


The body of this Evo 1 is straight and absolutely no rust on the obvious places. All panels are original, no former accident repairs (detailed pictures available on request). For cosmetic reasons the Deltona has been repainted in the original colour. Generally this Evo 1 has a minimum wear and tear for a car this age which tells something about its previous ownership. All body parts, lights and blinkers are original Lancia parts. Underneath the Delta is clean and transparent as well so easy to check its true state. The Evo is fitted with the standard supplied 15 inch Speedline wheels are in good condition and comes with recently mounted tires around.


This Evo was delivered from factory with the black leather Recaro interior option which is in an amazing state. No damages or whatsoever on this leather! Overall the Evo’s interior is very well maintained with clean carpets, no hanging headliner and all plastics in good shape and without any damages. All functions on dashboard and central board computer are working properly. The interior is fully standard and included the electronic sunroof factory option. Its very clear to see through its interior it’s a genuine 65K km car!

Extremely clean and well maintained example of an Evo 1 complete with original spare wheel and toolkit.

Engine/ transmission

First of all this Evo 1 drives magnificent. Great handling and feels robust cornering and braking. This Evo 1 is fitted with the ABS factory option. Gearbox and clutch good. The second owner did some moderate tuning (approx. + 10% more bhp) with improved cam shafts and forged pistons. This Evo really drives with a good pick up. Healthy oil and turbo pressure and amazing mechanical grip. A pleasure to drive. You feel on everything this car comes from a collector who has treated the car with respect. Its feels very robust and honest. The engine bay is very clean and kept standard. The only upgrade is the improved end pipe exhaust which is stainless. Invoices of 2018 service included.

People experienced with Evo’s know how hard it is to find a good and honest example with the right specs…… well, we got another one…


This unique homologation spec Delta Evo 1 is ready to be enjoyed for 64.900 Euro with either the original Italian registration or on request Netherlands registration.


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