Ferrari Testarossa

1991 / unique colour / 31K km / full history / immaculate state / includes ‘engine out’ service


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What can you tell about the Pininfarina designed Testarossa what is not already known? This 1984 launched super sports car has become a cult object from the 80’s. There is probably no car that better represents this decade than the Testarossa.

“A 300-per-hour living room. Formula One for the highway. Thoroughbred of the Ferrari stables”.

Just a couple of quotes of the Testarossa that came across when launched back then. Now more than 30 years later the Testarossa is still a revelation and a very recognisable creation. The design is unique with its low and slick looks. The quality of how the car has been built is really outstanding, even against today’s standards.

Driving a Testarossa splits the real men from the boys. There’s is no mechanical or technical help driving this car. This is the real thing with a heavy clutch, gearbox and steering rack. Having said that, the 12 cylinder can easily coop with a ‘GT’ driving style but……….when required this car can really perform supercar figures through its 390 Bhp/ 490 Nm engine.

This 1991 offered Testarossa has the unique Grigio (FER 700- C) colour which makes it a rare spec. Its one of the last true produced Testarossa cars before it became the 512TR. The car is originally delivered in Switzerland and had 2 owners before it came to the Netherlands in 2013 to its 3rd and last owner. The Testarossa has only driven 31.500 kilometers and has a fully closed service history.


Firstly an anthracite delivered Testarossa is really rare and secondly highlights its design beautifully and makes the cars look even more ‘aggressive’ versus a standard red one. This Testarossa is absolutely free of accident repairs and the paint is in a very good condition.  All plastics and rubbers are in excellent condition as well. Through every detail you can see this car has been cherished by its previous owners. The original 5 bolt wheels are in perfect condition and mounted with the original delivered Michelin MXX tires.


The black leather interior is in a fabulous state and overall interior very clean. No cracks or damaged leather. No colour fading. The non smoking interior feels very robust and silent during driving. Its very clear the Testarossa is designed as a GT with great seats for long distance with a beautiful view on the Veglia dash. All the electrics are working fine, A/C vents cold air. Included is a Becker Mexico CC with red display but why would you use this in the first place when the best sound comes from the back of the car?

Engine/ transmission

The hart of this machine, a 4.9 liter flat mounted 12 cylinder engine which has been maintained very well during its life, is performing  against its original specs. The engine fitted with catalyst sounds truly as a 12 cylinder. The dogleg structured gearbox not only looks great in the interior but works perfectly and clutch handles the power very well. Once warmed up its 12 (!) liter oil the car really accelerates with a full orchestra siting behind you. Its an amazing experience having this performance with an atmospheric engine in a car originally launch over 30 years ago!! Having said that, the car manoeuvres also pretty well when just ‘cruising’ giving it the GT characteristics.

All maintenance has been recorded and in Switzerland been carried out by Garage Foitek and in the Netherlands by Forza Service. Both garages are known by its quality and knowledge of these cars. In 2013 a full engine out service has been carried out with many other parts being replaced (detailed invoice and pictures available) and this Testarossa will be delivered with a new ‘engine out’ service by Forza Service at sale. Books, tools and original keys included.


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