Ferrari 456 GTA

1997 / 44K km / Ferrari service history / recent service incl belts / amazing state


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Recognised by many as the last true ‘Gentleman’ Ferrari; the 456 GT.

The Pininfarina designed 4 seater was in essence the successor of the 412 which also had a V12 front mounted engine. However the design of the 456 GT had many references to the more classic Ferrari’s including the Daytona and was applauded for this at its Brussels car expo introduction back in 1992.

Besides its beautiful design this GT was powered by an impressive 5.4 litre V12 with 442Bhp/ 540Nm making it at the time the fastest 4 seater production car. With a top speed over 300km/h and 0-100 in just over 5 seconds the performance figures are still very impressive against today’s standards.

Not only the performance figures are impressive but also the ease of which the 456 translates this power onto the road. Its handling and braking makes it very easy to drive whether you are pushing it to the max or just cruising it the ‘GT’ way.

The 456 GT engine is recognized  for its quality standard and when well maintained and used it is known to be very reliable. The high quality of building is not only translated to the engine and chassis,  also the interior is of outstanding perfection. Wonderfully used materials and fitting, great seats and the beautiful sound of the V12 makes the interior a perfect place for an extensive drive.

In 1996 the GTA (4 speed automatic) was introduced at the Geneva car expo. Together with the introduction of the automatic, Ferrari also made an update to the engine (F116C) which received the most up to date and upgraded motor management system, one that is also featured on the 456 GTA from 1997 we offer.

With the unique colour Blu Swaters (FER 513- C) in combination with its light beige leather interior makes it one of the most desired combo’s for the 456. Originally the car was delivered in Switzerland where the second owner had it for 17 years before it came to the Netherlands in 2016 becoming a 3 owner car. The 456 GTA has not even driven 45.000 kilometers with a fully closed Ferrari service history and can be seen as the benchmark in today’s 456 GT(A) market.


The beautiful classic design is very nicely highlighted through its dark blue exterior colour. The 1st paint is in fabulous condition and recently fully conditioned by a renowned ‘detailer’.  This 456 GTA is absolutely free of accident repairs and all plastics and rubbers are in excellent condition. It’s evident that this car has been owned and maintained with pride by its previous owners. The original 5 bolt wheels are refurbished and also in perfect condition, mounted with Bridgestone tires.


The interior has been professionally treated as well and this shows! The leather condition is like new, no cracks, damages or colour fading. All details are correct. Overall a very clean, non-smoking and well maintained interior. The light beige leather interior with dark blue carpets gives the 456 GTA a sporty look and with a view of the greatly designed Veglia dash you are reminded every time you are driving something special. A real privilege! All the electrics are working fine, A/C vents cold air. Included is the original Ferrari radio but you will not use it much with a V12 orchestra in front of you.

Engine/ transmission

The hart of this machine, a 5.4 litre 12 cylinder engine has been maintained extremely well during its life, something you will immediately notice  from both a cold start and driving it to the max when warm. The sound is magnificent over 5000 rpm and to emphasise this even more a Tubi exhaust system has been mounted (original is supplied with the car as well). Driving this car is a great experience. The 4 speed automatic transmission makes handling this car very easy on cruising speed but when you really want, a kick down of the throttle is enough to achieve sports car performances. Exactly what you expect from a Ferrari V12.

All maintenance (and mileage) has been recorded and in Switzerland been carried out by Garage Leirer and Foitek and in the Netherlands by Forza Service. These carefully selected Ferrari specialists are widely recognized for their quality and knowledge of these cars. In 2020 a full engine service has been carried out with many other parts being replaced (detailed invoice, pictures and references available). This car is ready to be enjoyed for the next years.

All books, leather toolbox and all original keys are included as well as a tailor-made cover.


This guaranteed low mileage 456 GTA is priced at 62,900 Euro. The car includes Dutch (EU) registration and MOT.

As an exception on the rule this car is being sold directly out of a private collection on request of the owner on location. We normally only sell fully owned cars but were delighted to have the possibility to add this to our collection as we know the car and its history very well and believe its an value add to our offer.


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