Modern Classics Automotive is a small Dutch company started from a passion for Italian classic cars. After two decades of owning, collecting and driving these wonderful creations it was time to start sharing the passion with other enthusiasts.

“Fine selection of Italian Modern Classic Cars”

The concept of Modern Classics Automotive is pretty simple; we only sell cars we love. Thats it!

The cars we love are mainly from the 80’s and 90’s.  Italian cars that already have or will get the ‘modern classic’ status. Cars that will turn into collection items and will further increase in value over time.

“Turn bedroom posters into the real thing”

Our collection of cars are all unique in their own way and recognised by any true car connoisseur; either to drive it, as part of a collection or as an investment. One thing seems to be common with our customers, they are either at a stage of turning their former ‘bedroomposter’ into the real thing or like to add that one car to their collection.

The selection criteria at Modern Classics Automotive is as straightforward as its concept; the cars offered needs to excite ourselves first through its condition and story before we even consider purchasing it. We fully own our collection of cars and don’t deal with consignment stock or selling in ‘behalf of’. This way only we can stand behind the collection we offer.

We work with fixed pricing only which to us are fair in the market at the given moment in context of the offered specifications. This increases transparancy and clarity.

If you have any questions on our current collection or just like get in contact, please do contact us.

Furthermore, enjoy our website and keep looking for updates here or on social media, either to find the car of your dreams or simply to scroll through some of automotive finest creations.

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